Postdoc in philosophy at the University of Zurich, working on identity and authenticity in ethics of technology and medical ethics.

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Ethics at the University of Zurich. My research interests are in medical ethics (neuroethics in particular), ethics of technology / AI, philosophy of mind, philosophy of identity, authenticity, and genealogy.

In my current research project at the Center for Ethics, I investigate the influence of AI agents on relational identity on a conceptual and ethical level. Others can influence who you take yourself to be - if they laugh at your jokes you think you are funny, for instance. What if this other is an AI? How should we design AI to take identity interests into account?

In June 2024, I will start a research project on meaning in life in the digital society at the University of Zurich. In this postdoc, funded by the Digital Society Initiative, I investigate the risks and opportunities presented by virtual reality technology and generative AI for to meaning in life.

In a previous postdoc at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical ethics, I have worked on personal information technologies (e.g. health and activity trackers, neuroimaging, or algorithmic profiling). In 2021, I received my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Basel. In my thesis, I have analyzed the concept of authenticity and whether using a neurointervention can compromise or promote authenticity. I received an MA in Philosophy of Science and Technology from the Technical University of Munich and a BS in Nanoscience (an interdisciplinary program in physics, chemistry, and biology) from the University of Basel. My research has been supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Forschungsfonds der Universit├Ąt Basel.

I am available for consulting work in bioethics, neuroethics, and ethics of technology / AI.