Postdoc in philosophy at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, working on identity and authenticity in medical ethics and ethics of technology.

I am a Hosted Research Fellow at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. My research interests are in medical ethics (neuroethics in particular), ethics of technology / AI, philosophy of mind, philosophy of identity, authenticity, and genealogy. During the postdoc project at the Uehiro Centre, I analyze how our identity is influenced by the personal information we can gather through novel and emerging technologies, specifically bioinformation (neuroimaging, health and activity trackers, or genetic testing), autobiographical information (stored in text logs, photos, or location trackers), and algorithmic profiles (for recommender systems, targeted advertisment, or predictive policing).

In 2021, I received my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Basel. In my thesis I have investigated the concept of authenticity and whether using a neurointervention can compromise or promote authenticity. I received an MA in Philosophy of Science and Technology from the Technical University of Munich and a BS in Nanoscience (an interdisciplinary program in physics, chemistry, and biology) from the University of Basel. My research has been supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Forschungsfonds der Universit├Ąt Basel.

I am available for consulting work in bioethics, neuroethics, and ethics of technology / AI.